29 septembre 2008


L'Électrium d'Hydro-Québec vous propose une façon divertissante de mieux connaître l'électricité : constatez sa fonction dans le corps humain à l'aide d'animations réalisées par l'équipe de Polygone Studio et intégrées à une borne interactive conçue par l'atelier Multiversions.

18 septembre 2008

Scientific illustrations for all needs!

Polygone Studio is a content creation agency. We specialize in illustration, animation and multimedia presentation. We do 2D and 3D still and animated images, using traditional and digital techniques. Presentations can be accompanied by narration, sound and even original music. Our products are printed, put online, and published in every media type.

Since its inception in 2001, Polygone Studio has accumulated an exceptional portfolio. We are consummate experts on all aspects of data synthesis for still and animated images (storyboard, illustration and multimedia animation) and sound production (audioguide). From small, local museums to renowned multinational exhibits, our projects demonstrate top quality and versatility.

Polygone Studio is a multidisciplinary space where passionate creators pool their expertise. Four associates form the company core. They are assisted by ad hoc teams of varying size, depending on the job. This flexibility and versatility lets us deploy a wide range of talents and skills to handle all kinds of visual, sound or multimedia challenge.

We are comfortable in a wide variety of fields:
• Multimedia: storyboard, video, projection, interactive terminals, scenery design, matte film, visual effects, audioguides, sound and music design, and Web design.
• Illustration and architecture: research and development, design, execution, 2D and 3D imagery, signage, writing, graphics, formal documents, project communication, impact studies, design, contests, and more.