25 octobre 2006


Chers amis et collaborateurs,
Nous sommes fiers de vous annoncer que nos illustrations de dinosaures (Archaeopteryx, Sinosauropteryx, Hesperornis, Triceratops et Dromiceiomimus) réalisées pour le Musée canadien de la nature à Ottawa ont été sélectionnées pour paraître dans la revue d'illustration 3x3. La revue sera publiée au début de 2007. Voici les informations que nous avons reçues:

Dear friends and collaborators,
We are proud to announce our dinosaure illustrations (Archaeopteryx, Sinosauropteryx, Hesperornis, Triceratops and Dromiceiomimus) for the Canadian Nature Museum have been selected by the 3x3 illustration magazine.
Here is the information they sent us.

Congratulations to the following winners in the 3rd Annual 3x3 Illustration competition.

Judging for the third annual 3x3 ProShow is complete. Judging was extremely tough this year, only 7% of the entrants were accepted into the show and it took more than a couple of judges liking a piece to have it accepted. Sixty-one artists or entrants have pieces in the show; a complete list by artist will be available online next week. Twenty winning entries came from the U.K. or Europe, twenty-three from Canada and the remainder from the U.S. You’ll find some recognizable names but you’ll also find newcomers that are just beginning to make their voice heard.

This year's judges included Bob Barrie and Shawn Smith at Fallon USA, Stefan Kiefer at Der Spiegel, Stephen Rutterford, BBH/UK, William Webb, Bloomsbury, UK and illustrators Joe Morse, Sharon Tancredi and Peter de Seve.

Winning entries will be reproduced in the Third Three by Three Illustration Annual to be published in early 2007. Congratulations to all the winners, the work was fabulous.

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